AI Truck

Project proposal

Extending everyman’s rights to include Artificial Intelligence.

This societal project focuses on digital equality. Exclusion from an increasingly digitized society is a major threat, especially to citizens whose basic digital skills are already less developed than those of the rest of society. The Espoo Story stresses that technology provides an opportunity to learn new skills which ignite desire, enthusiasm and meaningfulness of life. Also the interim report of Finland’s Artificial Intelligence programme established by Mika Lintilä, the Minister of Economic Affairs, states that we must ensure that everyone has the basic skills to participate in society in the age of Artificial Intelligence. We must take care that everyone has the opportunity to learn needed AI civic skills. The AI Truck is our response to the societal challenge of social inclusion and digital equality.

AI Escape Room

The aim of this student project is to conceptualize, design and build a prototype for an AI escape room. This project is a part of the City of Espoo’s larger program to build happiest AI in the world, the AI Truck. The purpose of the escape room is to alleviate fears of Artificial Intelligence by providing fun examples about how AI is applied in every day products as well as spread the awareness of AI algorithms. Regarding the AI technologies the project team will be supported by technical specialists from the sponsoring companies of the program. We don’t expect project team members to be specialists in AI, so don’t hesitate to provide your contribution to the happiest AI in the world.

Heidi Rajamäki-Partanen
Director, D.Sc. Omnia AI Lab
+358 40 126 7182